NOTE:  The following is a demonstration of an advanced registration process provided by the TNG-User-Meta plugin. Many thanks to Jay of for the scripts that I have adapted for the registration process. For the purpose of this demo, use last name Emmons, select an individual and make up a relationship. You will be added as a pending user, then deleted. For your own security please use random passwords. The introductory text that follows is not part of the form; you will be able to set up the registration form however you wish.

In order to become a registered user on our website you must be linked to a person in the existing database. If you are not in our database, you will be required to provide your Date and Location of Birth. If you do not provide your COMPLETE name and address and date of birth, we cannot process your registration.  You will need to indicate an existing person in the database and how you are related to that person, so that you can be linked into our database.

All new registrations must be approved by the Site Administrator. If you are unsure whether you are related to our tree, please do a Surname search before proceeding. If you are ready to begin the registration process, start by using the form below to look up a list of persons in our database to whom you might be related. Start with your own last name (or maiden name if you are female) and select the relative most closely related to you. If you are in the database, select yourself. If a parent is in the database, that would be second choice. Only choose a sibling if a parent isn’t shown.