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Genealogy is one of the fastest-growing pastimes thanks to such television shows as PBS’s Finding Your Roots and Genealogy Road Show and Who Do You Think You Are (UK and US). The Next Generation of Genealogy Site-Building (TNG) is one of the best applications available for sharing your family genealogy. The application’s beautiful and easy-to-use interface makes editing, adding and displaying your family tree a fun and collaborative experience. Combine that with WordPress and you have the ultimate platform for telling your family’s story.

Uniquely Yours Web Services has assisted a number of people with their integrated sites and would be glad to help you with yours. There are two levels of support:

  • They will help to integrate an existing site that already has WordPress and TNG installed.
  • They will do a complete installation of both WordPress and TNG, installing the files required for integration and configuring both applications. The client provides proof of purchase of TNG.

Of course, if you decide to host with them, your installation and integration is free of charge, plus you get a bunch of other benefits and awesome tech support! Check out their web hosting page for their affordable pricing.

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Sites Using the Kloosterman Integration

Brampton Old and New
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The Larlee Genealogy
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Thye Robles Family Genealogy
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Mosley Families
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TNG/WordPress Plugins

I am pleased to make available a plugin for WordPress/TNG integrations that makes it possible to have a single sign-on for both WordPress and TNG.

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The Kloosterman Integration

This particular integration method really isn’t an integration at all. Essentially, what you are doing is “wrapping” the WordPress theme around the TNG content. It

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A WordPress/TNG Demonstration

NOTE: This section needs updating.

Welcome to the Uniquely Yours website that showcases the capabilities of a WordPress and TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding) integration. It is my experience that WordPress is THE finest Content Management System currently available. It has grown far beyond a blogging platform and is far more extensible than any of the other open source platforms currently available. In the same way, TNG is the premier platform for anyone wishing to publish their family tree on the Internet.

The purpose of this website is to provide information, instruction, tools, and tips to enhance WordPress/TNG integrated websites. Look in articles for tips, tricks and full instructions for integration. The family tree featured here is my own and includes only non-living individuals with the exception of one uncle and my spouses. These individuals are flagged to not be shown. I have chosen not to require login so that visitors can see how the TNG part of the website functions.

The menu structure is designed to create a seamless look to the site so that the average user/visitor won’t be able to see which parts are WordPress and which parts are TNG. For the moment, this menu is set up manually as a custom menu in WordPress. I would like to see the TNG menu placed in its own file to make customization easier for those with integrated sites and I’ve made a request to have this done.

I hope you find this site informational and easy to navigate. The appearance may change without notice as I begin to develop themes for integration. If you like this theme, it is called Honma and is available in the WordPress theme repository.