I am beginning a new project integrating WordPress with TNG. The person I am doing this for currently has a highly customized registration process that requires new users to identify their relationship to the Tree. There’s a lot more to it for his project, but I was immediately intrigued because I ask for a much more simplified level of relationship for my own website.

All in the Family

I think that most of us who use TNG for our genealogy websites really appreciate our registered users because they can help grow our trees without us having to add all that information ourselves. I know I do!! On the other hand, we also don’t want just anyone having access to our information – especially  information about living individuals – unless they really are connected to our tree. This customized registration process requires proof of relationship by having the new user select the person they are most closely related to. If that relationship is other than themselves or a parent, they are required to provide additional information about parents/grandparents etc. to show exactly how they are related to the individual they selected.


WordPress users access their profiles through the Admin area. However, users in a TNG integration register to access the TNG portion of the site and I see no reason for them to have access to the WordPress Admin Dashboard. The new plugin has a Front End Profile shortcode that displays a user’s profile in a regular WordPress page. The plugin picks up the extra fields in the custom registration and adds them to the WordPress user table and displays in the user’s profile. The profile page makes it very easy for users to access their information and keep it up to date if anything changes.

The plugin is still in development but I have it on the site. If you click on the Profile tab, you will get a message that you need to be logged in, but you can see all the fields and the layout of the page. The User Registration tab begins the registration process. Right now all that happens when you fill the form is that you receive a confirmation email but nothing gets written to a database and you are not registered. I would appreciate feedback about the process. It’s possible that there could be an option to simply identify the relative and relationship without requiring the extra information. What do you think? Click on the link at the top right of the post and leave a comment!

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  1. hi heather

    wonderful job on your plugin – it’s a little buggy for me
    let me share with you a couple of things

    on your install instructions
    there’s a conflict with the TNG install instructions
    (and that’s where i started for info on my install)

    – the plugin developer recommends putting wordpress
    in a subfolder called /wp and you recommend /wordpress

    too late for me – already did it the other way – due to that issue, there are a couple of things that aren’t happening – is this related to the subdir name i choose to use?

    1. after install the little slider image wasn’t showing up so i had to change the line in the css so it could find the arrow to work …

    2. after installation – i added a new member – and after clicking on the “submit form” button – the redirect took me to the root directory – and wouldn’t take me to the selected “home page” of the tng installation (again being /wp/genealogy and the redirect after form submission is directing to /genealogy – couldn’t figure that one out … now – when i change the success page to the PROFILE PAGE – it will take me to the profile page – BUT – it won’t let me edit, says i must LOGIN first … i’m confused)

    3. after setting up a user profile – i tried to make an edit and got this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_redirect() in /home/family/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/tng_user_meta/tng_frontend_profile.php on line 31

    4. i added 2 new members – neither one of them sync’d with the user dbase inside TNG … did I miss a step in the process? I rechecked tng set up in wp and in the tng admin – it’s all set up find – is this related to my wordpress being in /wp and not inside /wordpress subdir?

    any help is greatly appreciated!
    thanks for all this hard work!

    wp ver 3.5
    i only have tng and your plugin functional during testing …
    tng wp plugin is v 2.0 (definitely!)
    tng is latest v 9.1 (?) – just bought it last week
    i’m using chrome as my browser on a PC running win 7

    my theme is Elegant Theme – InStyle – however, i’m experiencing
    the issue even with suffusion and twenty-eleven … which i’ve got
    installed for testing purposes

    i experienced a challenge with tng-wp v2.o and tng 9.1(?) in
    that MY PERMALINKS MUST BE SET TO “Numeric” or
    i can not see the “home page of tng site” –

    i tried using %postname%, and others, including default
    and couldn’t get it to work – the tng developer sent some
    troubleshooting tricks from a wp friend and the only thing
    that works is setting permalinks to “numeric” – as i stated

    any way –

    any help would be great – i’d love to work with the forms
    they are very well thought out HOWEVER we need
    to have MIDDLE NAMES

    lots of cultures have first middle and last names, including
    those that may have as many as four names (spanish,
    arabic, and some others) …

    just a thought


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